My 8-Week allowthemiracle Personalized Coaching Program 

My 1:1 coaching program provides you with the education and treatment options for integrating safe, non-toxic holistic and complementary therapies with your medical treatment plan. I will work with you to ensure that you are aware of the most current cutting edge treatments for your diagnosis and personal health history.  Your safe and early recovery is encouraged because I show you how to decrease the side effects and risk factors that are common and often responsible for secondary and recurrent cancers as well other critical health complications that may result from surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Private Coaching for Patients with Cancer

Your 8-week private coaching program by video or phone begins with six very intensive weeks of learning and applying the necessary effort for re-building a strong and active immune system.  Customized to you, every intricate detail of your cancer diagnosis and treatment; of your health history and your will to survive, will be instrumental in your success. Weeks seven (7) and eight (8) should find you feeling stronger, safer and in control of your life again.

During your private consults (virtual visits) with me (your coach), you will learn how to implement personalized nutrition, lifestyle practices, and clinical options that will encourage your safe recovery. These are options that may not be provided within your physician's* scope of medical training - but are supported by integrative oncologists and medical doctors that are recovery 'savvy'. Following your time with your coach, you should be well on your way to feeling a new energy with increased stamina. 

*Physician participation is encouraged but the decision is yours. 

Consider the difference a private coach can make in your recovery.

Set up a 30 minute consultation to discuss if personalized 1:1 coaching is right for you. 

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