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What if you had a clear roadmap that would  provide you with the tools, strategies and integrative therapies to help minimize side effects of cancer treatment, as well as encourage cancer recovery??

Great News!! You Can!!!

The Cancer Recovery Roadmap gives you the tools, strategies and integrative therapies, with regards to the 4 pillars that you MUST address to encourage cancer remission and discourage cancer recurrence. It is a defined plan of action that will move you forward and address your nutrition, environment, lifestyle and emotional/spiritual health.


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What are the four key pillars you must address to encourage cancer recovery?


Nutritional Repair


   Environmental   Factors

Lifestyle Influences


Psychosocial Aspects


I hear it all the time, Cancer Warrior... 

You wonder what might have created the environment in your body that ultimately led to your cancer…

You know there are tools, strategies and therapies available to help encourage cancer recovery, but you don’t know what the best strategies for you are…

You don’t have the time to do all the research required to address your cancer health and strengthen your immune system…


Cancer Patient Hugging her Cancer Coach

About Me

I’m Preet Mankoo, a pharmacist for the last 20 years or so... and more recently, a cancer coach. I’m so glad our paths have crossed!

So you might be wondering, how did someone with a background in pharmacy decide to become a cancer coach? I’ve always been interested in health and wellness and my journey towards being a cancer coach was stemmed by this desire to learn how to ensure that each and every one of us on Earth attain optimal health.

Throughout my teenage years and pharmacy career, one question always bothered me, why are some people healthier than others? Is it all genetics, or are they doing something differently… or is it a combination of both? Why do some folks end up with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and yes Cancer… while others do not.

It was during my time as an Outpatient Oncology Pharmacist that I decided to delve further into these questions. While counselling hundreds of patients on their chemotherapy treatment protocols, I received numerous questions from patients asking what they could do to optimize their treatment outcomes.

I realized that people wanted to be empowered in their cancer journey. They wanted to feel like they had control over their treatment outcomes, they just didn’t know where to begin or what strategies to try first… what was actually proven to work, and not just something they came across on the Internet.

My research led me to uncover many integrative tools and strategies that were backed by research and science to show that people could indeed optimize their treatment outcomes by addressing four important areas of health: Nutrition, Environment, Lifestyle and Mind/Spirit.  

The course is a culmination of the research that I found for the best integrative strategies to support an anti-cancer lifestyle. The end results for those that take the course is to be empowered with the tools and knowledge to optimize your treatment options by mitigating side effects of conventional cancer treatments, and strengthening your immune system to create an environment in your body where cancer cannot thrive.

Certified Professional Cancer Coach

Cancer Warrior, there are literally thousands of people in the same position as you searching for this same information right now. 

You know you want to optimize your health to help your immune system beat cancer. But, you haven’t taken the steps to help yourself yet…


Maybe this sounds familiar:

  • You are determined to overcome your cancer diagnosis, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You want to be sure that the strategies you implement are backed by science, and you don't want them to interfere with your cancer treatment. 
  • You are worried about the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and you'll do what it takes to minimize treatment side effects, and help your immune system deal with the aftereffects. 
  • You feel alone because your loved ones don't understand why you want to incorporate integrative treatments into your cancer treatment regimen.
  • You have completed your traditional cancer treatments and you will do whatever it takes to never have to battle cancer again.
  • You're ready to make the changes you need to by addressing FOUR key areas to encourage cancer recovery. 

I understand the fear, overwhelming emotions, and frustration that comes with a cancer diagnosis... and I created the Cancer Recovery Roadmap to help you.  This program consists of 5 modules that will empower you with the tools, strategies and integrative therapies you need to encourage remission of your cancer, and discourage its recurrence. Let's go over each of the 5 modules in a little more detail: 


"This program gave me the information I needed to really understand how to make the nutrition and lifestyle changes to help me recover from my thyroid cancer." 

- Sarah (thyroid cancer)

"After incorporating the dietary and mind-body suggestions in this program, I found that I was able to recover faster between breast cancer treatments with less side effects. So glad I found this course!" 

- Nalini (breast cancer) 

"I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. I found this program when I was looking for integrative strategies to help me with preventing a recurrence. So far so good!" 

- Albert (colon cancer) 

Module One: Cancer Overview

Module 1 will reflect on the Origins of Cancer and details the process of cancer initiation through to metastasis. Learn how nutrition, the environment, lifestyle, emotional health, all influence inflammation and hormonal disruption in cancer development. You will also learn about the various tests used to diagnose cancer, and the steps involved in staging a cancer.

Module Two: Nutritional Repair

Module 2 incorporates Nutritional Repair to encourage the elimination of causative factors in diagnosis. Learn about nutritional implications for a strong immune system and as they relate to reducing side effects and risk factors of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. You will be provided with fully integrative and supportive nutrition guidelines to follow during conventional chemotherapy treatment and afterwards. You will also learn of the foods you should avoid to encourage cancer remission. 

Module Three: Environmental Factors

In Module 3, we cover Environmental Factors that lead to an internal terrain in the body which over time may culminate in cancer. We go over the toxic ingredients in personal care products and household products, such as cleaning supplies. You will receive recommendations for alternatives to these toxic substances. We will also cover the latest information on pesticides, food additives, electromagnetic fields, radiation and biological dentistry. 

Module Four: Lifestyle Influences

Module 4 reveals the Lifestyle Links that influence cancer development and recovery. How our body responds to both external and internal stimuli in every facet of our day to day lives and how it has become an instrumental factor in cancer development and recovery. We will focus on the actions for prevention and repair with such things as physical activity, environmental effects, sleep, modification of stress and its source, negative habits and more. You will also learn up to date information on fasting and detoxification strategies. 

Module Five: Psychosocial Aspects

Module 5 provides you with an introduction to Psycho-Social Oncology. Why it’s important to understand the functional aspects of the social, psychological, emotional and spiritual connections to your cancer. This is a whole-person approach to cancer care that addresses a range of very human needs to improve quality of life and function, for you and everyone around you that is affected by your cancer.

The Cancer Recovery Roadmap is for you if...

πŸ˜– You want help in identifying and addressing what may have been the root causes of your cancer

⏰ You're wasting far too much time on Dr. Google researching the best integrative tools and strategies that will help you, and you just want the science-backed answers so you can get back to focusing on getting well.  

😊 You are ready to learn and implement the evidence-backed tools, techniques and strategies that will optimize your health and strengthen your immune system in order to deliver a safe and early recovery from cancer.

βœ… You want to feel a sense of empowerment, and know that the tools and integrative strategies you implement will guide you towards better health. 

πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’» You want to be part of a network of cancer warriors that have been on their own cancer journey, or are currently going through it to give you the support you need to implement the changes that will allow you to lead an anti-cancer lifestyle.


The Cancer Recovery Roadmap is not for you if...

πŸ˜– You believe that there is “a pill for every ill” and that our diet and lifestyle do not play any role in optimizing our response to cancer recovery strategies.

πŸ‘¨‍πŸ’» You are okay with doing just the conventional cancer treatments and don’t want to address integrative strategies to improve healing and response to chemotherapy and radiation. 

⏰ You are not ready to implement changes in your diet and lifestyle that may create the internal environment for healing from cancer.


The goal is for you to become empowered with the tools and integrative strategies to minimize treatment side effects and encourage cancer recovery!! 

What will you get with the Cancer Recovery Roadmap?


βœ… 5 modules containing 4 to 6 video lessons each (totaling 26 video lessons) designed to help you create an anti-cancer lifestyle – You’ll learn the complete blueprint outlining the 4 pillars that must be addressed to optimize your health and strengthen your immune system to make your body inhospitable to cancer. Cancer cannot thrive in a healthy, happy body and in this program, you’ll learn the tools, techniques and evidence-based integrative strategies that will move you towards an anti-cancer lifestyle.

βœ… Implementation workbooks – You’ll have implementation support with every module to work you through creating an anti-cancer lifestyle. Each workbook is designed to complement the information you learn in the module in order to reinforce the knowledge gained and facilitate you in implementing the strategies learned. Each module contains an interactive workbook to help you implement the tools, strategies, and integrative therapies presented in this program. Please use it, as it is an essential part of incorporating what you’ve learned into daily practice.

βœ… Exclusive Forum 24/7 – Questions along the way? We’ve got you covered. You’ll have access to the support you need to create and live an anti-cancer lifestyle. Ask questions, get feedback, and share your comments, concerns or stories.



βœ… Discount on any 1:1 coaching package with Preet

βœ… Exclusive program Recipe Book with quick and delicious cancer-fighting recipes to take the guess work out of what foods to prepare. 

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  • 5 modules totaling 26 video lessons
  • the roadmap for an anti-cancer lifestyle
  • implementation workbooks
  • exclusive 24/7 forum
  • discount on 1:1 coaching package
  • program recipe book
Get the Cancer Recovery Roadmap!

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  • 5 modules totaling 26 video lessons
  • the roadmap for an anti-cancer lifestyle
  • implementation workbooks
  • exclusive 24/7 forum
  • discount on 1:1 coaching package
  • program recipe book
Get the Cancer Recovery Roadmap!

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